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Airing Grandma's Laundry by Natasha O Published by Penfire Publishing, Inc

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Have you ever wanted to step back in time to see what your grandparents and other relatives were like in their youth?

Maybe answer some of those questions
you dare not ask, like:

Why is it that Uncle Jack and Aunt Honey have separate bedrooms?

hat is the hostility between Grandma Lula and Choir Director Mrs. Fay Wallace Harrison about?

Why does cousin Grace look different from other relatives?

What happened to Country Red at the county line?

Where did Uncle E.J. run off to under the cover of night?

Between the covers of this book, each of the sheets will reveal some of the secrets.


Natasha O presents Airing Grandma's Laundry and other hush hush secrets
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Novelist Natasha O backs book with dynamic marketing
Online Exclusive
By Kay B. Day
Published: March 15, 2011
Unless you’re a bestselling author who’s a household name, you know all about the reality of marketing a book. Times are tight for publishers, and the marketing support usually goes to established brands—the James Pattersons and the J. K. Rowlings of the world. Novelist Natasha Owens, who writes as Natasha O, certainly knew this as she prepared for the launch of her first novel, Airing Grandma’s Laundry and Other Hush Hush Family Secrets. Rather than feeling overwhelmed, Owens implemented a dynamic marketing plan, taking advantage of any and all media to lure readers.

The result of Owens’ efforts is a marketing model many writers might envy.

For starters, there’s Owens’ award-winning video, named Book Trailer of the Year in February by the African American Literature Book Club. The video captures perfectly the late 1950s-60s, the time period for her book. It’s one of the best book trailers I’ve seen, but it wasn’t created by a tony Madison Avenue firm.

Owens recounted how she came by that video:  “I contacted companies that wanted to charge me outrageous fees because it was a period piece. Once I spoke to my writing instructor who also does screenplays, he connected me with a camera man, Mr. Tommy Riggins. Tommy told me I had what it took to direct it myself.”

Owens took Riggins’ advice to heart. She wrote the script and then turned her attention to the tangibles. “I searched for my location in my Grandmother’s old neighborhood, went to thrift stores and found the clothing, asked my mechanic to drive his car and stopped a man who turned out to be a preacher on the street and asked him to help me out by allowing his car to be in the shoot and we set a date. I enlisted people from the area to be in the trailer along with friends and family including my baby girl in the basket. The music was done by Professor Harrison. My son Chance helped me direct and ensured all props were in place. From start to finish it took us about two hours.”

Obviously I didn’t use the term "dynamic" lightly when it comes to Natasha O.

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