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Thanks for visiting my page! I chose Natasha O. as my pen name because it has such a great ring to it. I always liked the ever-classy Jackie O. Plus, it was shorter and sassier than saying my long government and married name (Natasha D.M. Owens). Well, I adopted it and made it all mine!

I am an award-winning Novelist. I have won the African American Literature Book Club ( for The Best Book Trailer of the Year. I also won First Place in Arts at One Spark, a festival at Crowdfunding The Arts Award. I have had several other achievements that let me know my childhood yearning and calling can be fulfilling and fulfilled if I pursued it. I love all types of writing but I’m particularly intrigued by things of the past. I categorize my style of writing as nostalgic fiction.

I hope you enjoy the novels, plays, and other writing endeavors I plan to put out in the world, and I welcome you to my page and my journey!


May 7th, 2022

Stage Play: Airing Grandma’s Laundry

Tickets go on sale November 2, 2021. Click here to purchase from Ticketmaster.